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The Good Talk Network



Journey to the inner depths of the human mind as explored by Jonah Lantto and Kris Raub. You're invited to take the ride with us. Compelling and often times funny questions feed the soil in this ever growing tree of abstract, philosophical exploration. 

Explore, laugh, and interact with us as we're joined by fascinating and inspiring guests on the Good Talk to share their stories with the world. After all, what makes us human - who we are, what we are, and what we may become - is the catalyst which drives us to share the Good Talk Podcast with you. 

Now more than ever, this world and it's inhabitants need new perspectives - new ways of thinking about both new challenges that are arising during this critical time in history as well as the persisting issues that have held us from attaining our true potential for far too long. This is a podcast that looks to expose those new perspectives and inspire those new ways of thinking. 

Aug 28, 2019

TOOL - it's been 13 years since they've released new music. How have they managed to stay relevant? What is the secret ingredient that makes Tool so damn good? The lyrics? Danny Carey? Their mystique? The importance of introductions, the culture of Tool, and thoughts on the band as one of the last survivors of the hard rock 90s. It's an epic new edition of the entertainment debate show with Adam Dyess & Jonah Lantto.