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The Good Talk Network



Journey to the inner depths of the human mind as explored by Jonah Lantto and Kris Raub. You're invited to take the ride with us. Compelling and often times funny questions feed the soil in this ever growing tree of abstract, philosophical exploration. 

Explore, laugh, and interact with us as we're joined by fascinating and inspiring guests on the Good Talk to share their stories with the world. After all, what makes us human - who we are, what we are, and what we may become - is the catalyst which drives us to share the Good Talk Podcast with you. 

Now more than ever, this world and it's inhabitants need new perspectives - new ways of thinking about both new challenges that are arising during this critical time in history as well as the persisting issues that have held us from attaining our true potential for far too long. This is a podcast that looks to expose those new perspectives and inspire those new ways of thinking. 

May 31, 2017

James Owens and Elijah Grant join me in an awesome and rare episode spent discussing films. Hear our spoiler free thoughts on Alien Covenant - in spite of the divisive comments we've seen on social media, Elijah and I LOVED Covenant! We debate visual effects in the world of cinema, highlighting many of our favorite...

May 29, 2017

Josh Wolsky and I(Jonah Lantto) are back for another round of the Good Talk Minot. In our conversation we highlight the growth of Summer events in our community and identify a consistent stream of fun opportunities to get us out of the house this Summer. From creative happenings at Main Street Books and the Public...

May 24, 2017

William(Bill) Heinzen, author of fantasy novel Warrior of Light, joins the show for an amazing conversation of novels, films, and what encompasses great storytelling. We explore the history of fantasy literature and discuss the mechanisms which drive a quality fantasy story. Bill shares a wealth of knowledge including...

May 23, 2017

It's story time again on the Good Coffee Talk as Stan-O and I split hairs on whether or not there is a difference between trashing a hotel room and destroying it. One of us is a trasher of rooms...the other is a destroyer. Listen to this absolutely hilarious episode of the Coffee Talk and find out who is who. 


May 18, 2017

Cultivating gifted/talented students in our public education system. Our guest this month, Whitney Erickson, is a public school teacher in Minot, ND who specifically works with the gifted and talented students. There are many unique challenges in this career field. Find out how are these students identified and hear...