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The Good Talk Network



Journey to the inner depths of the human mind as explored by Jonah Lantto and Kris Raub. You're invited to take the ride with us. Compelling and often times funny questions feed the soil in this ever growing tree of abstract, philosophical exploration. 

Explore, laugh, and interact with us as we're joined by fascinating and inspiring guests on the Good Talk to share their stories with the world. After all, what makes us human - who we are, what we are, and what we may become - is the catalyst which drives us to share the Good Talk Podcast with you. 

Now more than ever, this world and it's inhabitants need new perspectives - new ways of thinking about both new challenges that are arising during this critical time in history as well as the persisting issues that have held us from attaining our true potential for far too long. This is a podcast that looks to expose those new perspectives and inspire those new ways of thinking. 

Sep 1, 2020

An American history podcast exploring the myths that have shaped and defined our culture. In this episode: Apocalypticism has always been with us…it’s the reason for European migration to and eventual conquest of the Americas. 
- Christopher Columbus and The Genesis Model
- The Pilgrims (more correctly, the...

Aug 26, 2020

Who do we plan to vote for and why? Our thought process entering a difficult election season. It's a healthy debate as show hosts Dan Conn & Chelsie Hultz don't necessarily agree on the best course of action given the candidates we have to choose from. 

Apr 23, 2020

An Earth Day special w/ Dr Angela Seligman & sustainability champion Tim Baumann. Topics Include: 
- Introducing Dr Seligman's field of study
- Volcanoes
- Air Quality, pollution, ingenuity, progress
- Sustainable Minot 2020
- ND Stewards program
- Environmental impact studies
- What can people do to be better...

Apr 3, 2020

The EDHEads investigate the 4-Day school week. How do 4-day school weeks work? Is it a practice that saves money? Are they good for kids? Are teachers getting paid for 'less work?' Is the 4 day school week good for famlies? Catch new episodes of EDHeads every Friday at 4pm CST.

Mar 20, 2020

What falls into the category of “eating disorder”? How to identify if there's a problem. What can/should parents and educators do if they suspect a child/teen has an eating disorder? The reality of what statistics tell us plus advice for educators and parents with special guests Troy Roness & Linda Conn.